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All right, we all know that most (not all) guys really don’t like shopping; some even loathe it. Most of the time, they have to join the women in shopping for many reasons (“Go or else!”, etc) while they’d rather stay at home and watch TV or something.

Why do they hate shopping with women so much?

It’s normally because of yet another difference in the way a guy and a girl shops:

  • Guys: They often already know exactly what they want to buy. They go into a store, see what they want, pick it, then buy it. Short and simple.
  • Girls: They often only have a vague idea of what they want to buy. They go into a store, check out the selections there, check out the prices, exit the store, and repeat for a while before they finally make up their mind.

See the problem here? That’s often why guys are usually impatient when we girls go shopping for an extended period of time. O_o

Anyways, the point of all this is shown in an image I got from a forwarded mail below:




So, ladies, don’t drag your guys to go shopping with you when they really don’t want to! xD


~Estrelita Farr, signing out!

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Haha, I know I just posted yesterday, but I feel like posting another forwarded mail joke~

For non-Malaysian/Singaporeans, you may or may not understand the slang used by the guy in this joke.

Important Note:
This particular joke isn’t meant to be insulting. It’s meant to be humourous and is just for fun. Also, I’m not the creator of the art! I just got it in a forwarded mail. =(

The Future of Malaysian ID Card.

Page 1:
Msia ID 1

Page 2:
Msia ID 2

Page 3:
Msia ID 3

Page 4:
Msia ID 4

Page 5:
Msia ID 5

Page 6:
Msia ID 6

Page 7:
Msia ID 7

Page 8:
Msia ID 9

Page 9:
Msia ID 9

Page 10:
Msia ID 10

Page 11:
Msia ID 11

Page 12:
Msia ID 12

Page 13:
Msia ID 13

Page 14:
Msia ID 14

Page 15:
Msia ID 15

Page 16:
Msia ID 16

Page 17:
Msia ID 17

Page 18:
Msia ID 18

Page 19:
Msia ID 19

Page 20:
Msia ID 20

Page 21:
Msia ID 21

Page 22:
Msia ID 22

Page 23:
Msia ID 23

Haha, it’s ridiculous. xP.

~Estrelita Farr, signing out!

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