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No matter how many “awareness campaigns” are going on around the world, there will always be greedy people falling victim to this email hoax and forwarding it, continually circulating this hoax and making more people fall for it. It’s a continual cycle, an infinite loop.

But what is there to do? The world is full of simpletons… or noobs, as we would say in gaming terms.

Today, once again, I’ve received a forwarded email from one of my contacts… the exact same email hoax I’m presenting to you today.

Do you know how long this particular email has been circulating? Since 1997! It does make you wonder just how many simpletons our world has, huh?

In case you still think it’s real, ponder on these points:

  • There is no way an email can be tracked so easily without raising privacy issues; if you really want to track an email, some kind of hidden script has to be embedded into it. Would you like your email to be made known to the world through that nifty little script? No? Well, that’s why Microsoft can’t track email like this… it would cause a wave of complaints throughout the world.
  • They can’t track the email using the headers either. You know when you receive a forwarded email, you get that long list of “From: so-and-so” and “To: so-and-so” thing? It tells you where the email has been circulated thus far… providing the previous senders didn’t delete it. What happens if you were to delete that list and forward it to your list of friends? Would they know where the email have been around before it came to you? Of course not. Same goes for Bill Gates and Microsoft, they can’t track emails in this manner.
  • Okay, so let’s assume for a moment that a forwarded email can be tracked. If a million Hotmail users were to forward the email and ONE person who forwards to so many people receives around $500 USD, wouldn’t that mean that Bill Gates would have to fork out $500 million USD? $500 million USD is already half a billion; if their net income is $4 billion USD a quarter, do you think Bill Gates will give a quarter of his company’s income freely to people who barely spent a minute forwarding emails? Would you want to do that if you were him?


Still don’t believe it’s a hoax? Read the articles in these links:

  • Hoax Slayer: Money from Microsoft Giveaway Hoax (link)
  • Urban Legends: Bill Gates Is Sharing His Fortune! (link)
  • Snopes: Microsoft / AOL Giveaway (link)
  • Trend Micro: Make $$ “Bill Gates Fortune” Hoax (link)


You can also ask Uncle Google about this by typing “Bill Gates sharing fortune email” and seeing what you’ll get. The same thing what I’m telling you about, right?


But hey, what does Microsoft have to say about this? Here’s an official statement from Microsoft:

REDMOND, Wash., May 12, 1999 – Recently an email has been circulating on the Internet about a new "email tracking system" from Microsoft.

As you may have suspected, this is a hoax and did not originate from Microsoft.

Microsoft does try to investigate the source of these hoaxes and take appropriate action. However, many times the hoaxers take elaborate steps to shield their true identities and we cannot identify them. Privacy and security are very important to us here at Microsoft, and we work every day to build great software for the Internet that keeps information safe, secure and private.
We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

You can search for the official statement by typing “Bill Gates sharing fortune email official statement” in Google search.

Conclusion? It’s a hoax, an annoying chain mail. So why waste a minute of your busy day even reading this hoax email? You could’ve have a minute more to do other stuff, right?

So please, don’t blindly forward emails; do search about it online (Uncle Google is best) and find out if it’s a hoax first before you forward them. It’s rather tiring to receive the same email over and over… for a span of ten years!


~Estrelita Farr, tired of hoaxes. >_<

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Haha, I know I just posted yesterday, but I feel like posting another forwarded mail joke~

For non-Malaysian/Singaporeans, you may or may not understand the slang used by the guy in this joke.

Important Note:
This particular joke isn’t meant to be insulting. It’s meant to be humourous and is just for fun. Also, I’m not the creator of the art! I just got it in a forwarded mail. =(

The Future of Malaysian ID Card.

Page 1:
Msia ID 1

Page 2:
Msia ID 2

Page 3:
Msia ID 3

Page 4:
Msia ID 4

Page 5:
Msia ID 5

Page 6:
Msia ID 6

Page 7:
Msia ID 7

Page 8:
Msia ID 9

Page 9:
Msia ID 9

Page 10:
Msia ID 10

Page 11:
Msia ID 11

Page 12:
Msia ID 12

Page 13:
Msia ID 13

Page 14:
Msia ID 14

Page 15:
Msia ID 15

Page 16:
Msia ID 16

Page 17:
Msia ID 17

Page 18:
Msia ID 18

Page 19:
Msia ID 19

Page 20:
Msia ID 20

Page 21:
Msia ID 21

Page 22:
Msia ID 22

Page 23:
Msia ID 23

Haha, it’s ridiculous. xP.

~Estrelita Farr, signing out!

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As the hot afternoon lapses into evening, the sun shining merrily in the clear blue sky, a feeling of doom hangs in the atmosphere around the white and blue building. An ominous whisper from the February wind sends a shiver down everyone’s spine.

Suddenly, a loud cry echoes in the air.

“Aaaaaaaaagh!! Why’s the mid-term paper so hard?!! YARGH!!!”

Yep, it’s mid-term exam season in the university again.

It’s the time when towering, dark, evil lecturers band together to plot and scheme to bring down students by the hundreds. It’s the time when casualties are high, and it’s the time when students cower in fear.

And no one escapes the wrath of the evil exam papers.

Or not. I just feel like creating such a dark scene for it!

I feel really artistic lately. =D

Anyway, the reason why the topic today is on university mid-terms is because my boyfriend just finished some mid-term exams (and more are coming), and he was complaining about some Mr. So-and-so lecturer who can bore everyone to sleep (while he’s really hardworking, he’s not exactly sleep-proof O_o). I’d do the same too, if I were in class!

Anyways, that’s all for today. So I’ll just end the post with a semester-related joke I got from a forwarded mail!


What I Do Every Semester.
(or what I call the semester joke! xD)


At the start of new semester:

During the first week:
So... lazy...

During the second week:

Before the mid-term exams:
I'm pro!

During the mid-term exams:
I'm noob...

After the mid-term exams:
I'm so free~

Before the final exams:
Wahaha! Don't worry!

After finding out the final exam schedule:

7 days before the final exams:
Ah, so much time, I'll sleep first...

6 days before the final exams:
Go go rock 'n roll~!

5 days before the final exams:

4 days before the final exams:

3 days before the final exams:

2 days before the final exams:

1 day before the final exams:

The night before the final exams:
...must... study... *kaput*

1 hour before the final exams:
WAAAARGH!! *flings chair*

During the final exams:
...why... didn't I... study...?

After walking out of the exam hall:
...this is... the end...

After the final exams, during the holiday:
Lalala~ I'm so free~!

And repeat!


I know it’s just a long list of messenger emoticons with captions, but it’s still pretty funny when you put it that way!
.Let’s hope we all won’t be like that. xP


~Estrelita Farr, signing out!

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