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Haha, I know I just posted yesterday, but I feel like posting another forwarded mail joke~

For non-Malaysian/Singaporeans, you may or may not understand the slang used by the guy in this joke.

Important Note:
This particular joke isn’t meant to be insulting. It’s meant to be humourous and is just for fun. Also, I’m not the creator of the art! I just got it in a forwarded mail. =(

The Future of Malaysian ID Card.

Page 1:
Msia ID 1

Page 2:
Msia ID 2

Page 3:
Msia ID 3

Page 4:
Msia ID 4

Page 5:
Msia ID 5

Page 6:
Msia ID 6

Page 7:
Msia ID 7

Page 8:
Msia ID 9

Page 9:
Msia ID 9

Page 10:
Msia ID 10

Page 11:
Msia ID 11

Page 12:
Msia ID 12

Page 13:
Msia ID 13

Page 14:
Msia ID 14

Page 15:
Msia ID 15

Page 16:
Msia ID 16

Page 17:
Msia ID 17

Page 18:
Msia ID 18

Page 19:
Msia ID 19

Page 20:
Msia ID 20

Page 21:
Msia ID 21

Page 22:
Msia ID 22

Page 23:
Msia ID 23

Haha, it’s ridiculous. xP.

~Estrelita Farr, signing out!

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As the hot afternoon lapses into evening, the sun shining merrily in the clear blue sky, a feeling of doom hangs in the atmosphere around the white and blue building. An ominous whisper from the February wind sends a shiver down everyone’s spine.

Suddenly, a loud cry echoes in the air.

“Aaaaaaaaagh!! Why’s the mid-term paper so hard?!! YARGH!!!”

Yep, it’s mid-term exam season in the university again.

It’s the time when towering, dark, evil lecturers band together to plot and scheme to bring down students by the hundreds. It’s the time when casualties are high, and it’s the time when students cower in fear.

And no one escapes the wrath of the evil exam papers.

Or not. I just feel like creating such a dark scene for it!

I feel really artistic lately. =D

Anyway, the reason why the topic today is on university mid-terms is because my boyfriend just finished some mid-term exams (and more are coming), and he was complaining about some Mr. So-and-so lecturer who can bore everyone to sleep (while he’s really hardworking, he’s not exactly sleep-proof O_o). I’d do the same too, if I were in class!

Anyways, that’s all for today. So I’ll just end the post with a semester-related joke I got from a forwarded mail!


What I Do Every Semester.
(or what I call the semester joke! xD)


At the start of new semester:

During the first week:
So... lazy...

During the second week:

Before the mid-term exams:
I'm pro!

During the mid-term exams:
I'm noob...

After the mid-term exams:
I'm so free~

Before the final exams:
Wahaha! Don't worry!

After finding out the final exam schedule:

7 days before the final exams:
Ah, so much time, I'll sleep first...

6 days before the final exams:
Go go rock 'n roll~!

5 days before the final exams:

4 days before the final exams:

3 days before the final exams:

2 days before the final exams:

1 day before the final exams:

The night before the final exams:
...must... study... *kaput*

1 hour before the final exams:
WAAAARGH!! *flings chair*

During the final exams:
...why... didn't I... study...?

After walking out of the exam hall:
...this is... the end...

After the final exams, during the holiday:
Lalala~ I'm so free~!

And repeat!


I know it’s just a long list of messenger emoticons with captions, but it’s still pretty funny when you put it that way!
.Let’s hope we all won’t be like that. xP


~Estrelita Farr, signing out!

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Here it is!

The day!

The time has come for me to open a blog~!

Or rather, I could no longer resist the temptation of opening one after watching my mother and sister managing theirs for months… O_o

While my sister writes about the Japanese singer group she’s fangirling, my mom’s writing about stuff on what she calls homemaking, like cooking, tips on cleaning stuff, feng shui, and stuff. (Nothing wrong with that!)

What am I going to write on mine, however?

…well, I’m still thinking…


I’ve a few things in mind though, such as:

  1. Gaming stuff – Hey, I’m a female gamer, you know! Even if I don’t have a uberly expensive PS3… =(
  2. Relationship-related articles like ideas for Valentine cards – I’m a hopeless romantic too! My boyfriend’s going to be a guinea pig for this! =D
  3. Collection of Forwarded Mails – I’ve a strange hobby now, to collect forwarded mails that I deem worth collecting! But my sense of humour is not as… dark as some people’s, so… O_o
  4. Animal pictures – I may post pictures of my cat, my sister’s dog, and my brother’s cat! Not to the extend of icanhascheezburger.com, but you get the idea. o_O
  5. Storywriting stuff (not the actual stories!) – Unbeknownst to many, I’m actually a fanfic writer!
  6. And more random articles…

Okay, okay, so that’s not little… but at least it’s something, right?

Well, in Malaysian terms, this will technically count as ‘rojak’. O_o


~Estrelita Farr, signing out!

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